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An industry proven professional with over 15 years of experience in the Logistics and Transportation industry

Shipon Howlader is the President of World Wide Logistics. With over 15 years of transportation experience in multiple roles, he is an experienced past instructor at Centennial College in the field of Transportation and Logistics.

Shipon Howlader

World Wide Logisitics Inc, President

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Who We Are

School of Logistics is an educational institute division of World Wide Logistics Inc (http://www.ww-logistics.com) offering corporate training and support to the future entrepreneurs and employees of transportation supply chain management industry. Our facilitators are industry professional veterans who are here to guide you to become an entrepreneur from the start to the end.

What We Offer

We provide practical and theoretical transportation education to prepare students to become an successful entrepreneurs or employees. With our partnerships, associations and affiliations in the market of various industries, we ensure that all our program content is up-to-date. Entrepreneurs will have access to current certifications, and software that is reflective of industry standards.

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